Bailout for portual table tennis

Most people in Portugal do know that their table tennis is the top 3 best in Europe but they might not know now as they do not have enough money to keep itself up and running.

The table tennis federation in portugal was given 9.00 Euros to hire a coach but that’s not enough to hire one for a year. Overall portugal table tennis team gets 500,000 a figure with 5% cut this is pretty low compared to volleyball team that gets 2.6 million and judo 1.3 million.

The money goes quick as well paying for the hall around 286,000 on fixed costs and to fly the team to international countries for events. The four top Olympic players are not even training in Portugal they have moved to Germany Italy and Austria.

There are around 3,200 table tennis players in Portugal and they need some hope that the government cares about their sport

24 hour table tennis marathon

A club has raised £700 for new bats, balls and hall hire after doing 24 hour sponsored table tennis games. There was a reeager in the team that recently made headlines after returning from cancer.

Two people that have pushed them self were Rhianna and Spencer Hurd who did 12 hours each, the player were only permitted for a 30 minutes rest that is after 3 hours. There was also a face to achieve the most successive shots in a rally, which was won by Andy Bray and Adam McKay with 1,732.