Table Tennis Friend Saves Life

Alex Waring who is an official at Bolton Sports club saved his team mates life after Barrie Fleet collapsed after winning a table tennis match, the hospital later revealed that he suffered from a heart attack.

Alex Waring who had been trained in first aid gave Mr. Fleet who is 67 mouth to mouth resuscitation whilst another staff member called 999.

He was then rushed immediately to North Manchester General Hospital, where doctors feared the worst for the 67 year old as he stayed in a coma for 5 days.

Fortunately he has now returned home where he is resting when we caught up with him he had this to say “I feel so relieved to be past the worst of it and I really owe Alex a pint or two for saving my life.”

For Alex we understand this would have been a moment of panic so we asked him about this horrible ordeal and he had this to say “At the moment, I’ve got a lot of short-term memory loss and I’ve been told to rest for three or four weeks until I can have a test to assess the impact on my heart.”