What should you bring to a Table tennis competition?

Main equipment is: rackets, Shoes, racket cleaner, spare glasses, towel, notebook – pen, glue and bat press.

With the racket you should bring the bat that you will play with along with a black up bat with the same color and material.

Most player bring two pairs of shoes, although you are less likely to damage your shoes then your bat but you never know it’s always good to have a backup. Or you could use one for practicing and the other for the actual competition.

As a tennis player I used to have a racket cleaner it used to be a sponge which I used to keep in the plastic case so it does not get any water on the equipment, it is very important to have your racket grippy, in this fast sport every little helps.

Towel is very important you will sweat a lot in this game, always check your back before you leave your house. Last thing you want to do is wipe you face on your shirt.

Me personally I bring a notebook and a pen it helps me write don and key problems or something I just found out about how a person plays, it is always good to write something then to check back on it in later time.

I’m sure most of you know that the rubber comes out from the side of your racket so I carry speed glue in my bag always just in case of any emergency.

Since speed glue has come out most people do not tend to bring bat press, also that it is very heavy and takes a lot linger to do then speed glue.

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