History on Table tennis

Table tennis started out in England with upper-middle class families in the Victorians. The sport then most commonly called “whif whaf” “gossamer” and “flim flam”.  The name ping pong was mad eup by J.jaques & Son Ltd and made it copyright the name was later sold to the United States parker brothers.

The tables would normally be the dining table and the net was a row of books the rackets were made of lids of empty cigar boxes. The ball was normally made out of strings or sometimes champagne cork.

The game then was erupted in 1903 where Goode replaced the balls and cigar box lids whit light wooden bats and pimpled rubber. So in 1936 the game was in the world championship in Prague where two cynical players took 1 hour to get one point. The net had to be lowered to make the game faster.

In the coming years the sport spread to other countries like china and Korea. The sport was dominated with European until 1952 when a Japanese player Horoi satoh brought in a foam rubber paddle and the paddle made the game ever faster. Over these years china took over the sport so much so that they were restrained with entering the Olympic games in 1988.

By 1959-1960- The ITTF standardizes the thickness of average pimpled rubber and sponge rubber.

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