Similarities and differences between tennis & table tennis


Some might argue that table tennis in England is rather similar to tennis, despite differences in social status, atmosphere, exercise and rules. Lets start with the similarities..


  • Both sport uses a racket, even if the size and materials may vary.
  • In both sports you use a ball, despite a table tennis ball being quite a bit lighter and smaller.
  • You have to win at least 3 sets to win the match.
  • You can play double or single.


  • You need to have better physical condition in tennis, while pace, screws and ball control is more important in table tennis.
  • The tournaments in tennis is way more prestigious and well known, such as Wimbledon compared to limited amount of followers in the European table tennis championship.
  • You win considerably more money in tennis compared to table tennis.
  • Tennis betting is common among people up for a challenge and the odds are generous, compared to few people betting in table tennis.