Top Motorcycle Clubs in UK

If you are in England and wanted to know or join top motorcycle clubs in UK, we’ve covered them in this list.

But before we share you the list, we’d like to ask you something: do you have a valid driving license to ride a motorbike? If you do, you can check out the list and select the ones that matches you interest and preferences. If you don’t, then you might want to apply for a driving license and the fastest and easiest way to do this is to book online.

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Once you’ve passed your driving license test, you’re now eligible to join these top motorbike clubs in UK.

In UK, there are over 1000s of motorbike clubs, but here are some of our favorites to help you get started.

Top Motorcycle Clubs in UK

1) 1000 BC  

1000 BC is new motorbike club and the group is friendly, a perfect place to start for beginners.

The group often meets for ride outs in the Biggin Hill.

2) 5Counties Motorcycle Club

The group meet up at different pubs and bars in UK, throughout the year. It’s not only a bike club, but also a social club that carters for all interests.

3) BMAD (Bikers Make a Difference)

This motorbike club meets in several parts of UK, including Devon, Paignton, and other cities. They raise a lot of money from events and donate the money for charity purposes too.


4) Kingston MCC  

Established in 2002, the club now has 30 members, including adults, older men, women, all types of people.

They ride all types of bikes, from cruisers to sports bikes.

Throughout the year, the motorcycle club holds different social events such as Quizes, BBQs, Pub evenings, etc.

5) Barnsley Bikers Club  

The club runs out every weekend, and sometimes, in midweek too, especially during spring and summer.

6) Lippy Ladies Motorcycle Club

Good news for the ladies. Here’s another fastest growing and newest ladies only motorcycle club in Yorkshire.

All ladies are welcome to apply for the membership. No matter who you are (motorcyclists, riders, bikers, or pillions), and regardless of the size and style of your bike (bike, scooter, trike, etc.), you can visit the club and join.

7) Roadrunners Wirral  

The club includes like-minded people who simply love to ride their bikes and share stories. Their membership is spread throughout The Wirral area and Cheshire.

Have a bike? Simply join in. It’s that simple.

The club organize frequent bike ride tours, fortnightly pub meets, weekends away, and tours.

8) Urban Rider MCC

The Manchester-based motorcycle club offers some of the best, safe, and confident ride outs throughout the week via different events. Also, you’ll receive professional mechanical support (free) and apply for member’s discounts from a pool of local motorcycle businesses.