Table tennis qualifier creates another chance to raise pingpong’s profile for North American

There are a handful of Olympic spots on the line for some of the continent’s top table tennis players.

Something else less tangible also is at stake during this weekend’s North American Qualifier: another chance to raise pingpong’s profile and bring the niche sport further out of basements and rec rooms, and into the mainstream.

Claiming one of those spots, of course, is the top priority for these players. But they also want to keep growing interest in a sport that doesn’t necessarily have a must-watch player.

The Academy Award winner and co-owner of a Manhattan table tennis club called SPiN donated $75,000 in February to support table tennis programs in New York City public schools, money the city’s Department of Education says will pay for equipment and coaching. O’Neil also said the actress is looking into making a 1980s-themed pingpong movie. Through a publicist, Sarandon declined an interview request for this story.


Britain’s table tennis players have failed to qualify automatically for the 2012 Olympics in London.

GB’s six-player squad was unable to reach far enough in the competition to be awarded 2012 qualification.

It means the GB players now face a wait to see if they have been selected to receive one of the six host nation places available from the British Table Table Federation

After making their way through the preliminary stages to the main draw, Drinkhall, Parker and Liam Pitchford faced battles against much higher ranked opponents.

What does this mean now?
It means the GB players now face a wait to see if they have been selected to receive one of the six host nation places available from the British Table Table Federation.

British table tennis men close in on automatic qualification for 2012 Olympic

Three other British hopefuls have lost out on the chance to earn a place at the Games in their own right, however, and will have to hope they get picked for one of the host places.

Paul Drinkhall and Liam Pitchford have moved closer to the London 2012 table tennis competition after wins the penultimate European qualifying tournament.

As hosts, Great Britain are assured of three places in each of the men’s and women’s tournaments, but players are looking to qualify under their own steam before GB Table Tennis’s team announcement in May.

Andrew Baggaley, Kelly Sibley and Liu Na are the three who face a nervous wait over their Olympic selection.

The British pair eased into the last 32 of the tournament in Luxembourg, where Drinkhall will face Ukrainian Yaroslav Zhmudenko, while Pitchford plays Carlos Machado of Spain.

All of them have worked hard to be at where they are, we think that anyone of the English Table tennis player could win us a medal for the Olympic hopefully they will happy with the decision.

Who will represent GB in table tennis at London 2012?

Currently six men and four women are locked in battle to represent Great Britain in the table tennis at London 2012. For the men, Paul Drinkhall, Liam Pitchford, Andrew Baggaley, Darius Knight, Danny Reed and Gavin Rumgay are in conention. Whilst for the women it’s Joanna Parker, Kelly Sibley, Na Liu and Naomi Owen.But only three men and three women can make the Games. So who do you think should make it and why leave a comment.



Tidmarsh C to enter the second division

Tidmarsh C made an excellent performance in the Reading and District table tennis division, winning the 17th match in a row. In the recent match, they won 8-2 against Milstone A.  So next year, it’s time for Tidmarsh to enter the second division in the English table tennis league.