Similarities and differences between tennis & table tennis


Some might argue that table tennis in England is rather similar to tennis, despite differences in social status, atmosphere, exercise and rules. Lets start with the similarities..


  • Both sport uses a racket, even if the size and materials may vary.
  • In both sports you use a ball, despite a table tennis ball being quite a bit lighter and smaller.
  • You have to win at least 3 sets to win the match.
  • You can play double or single.


  • You need to have better physical condition in tennis, while pace, screws and ball control is more important in table tennis.
  • The tournaments in tennis is way more prestigious and well known, such as Wimbledon compared to limited amount of followers in the European table tennis championship.
  • You win considerably more money in tennis compared to table tennis.
  • Tennis betting is common among people up for a challenge and the odds are generous, compared to few people betting in table tennis.

Popularity of Poker Games

table tennis vs poker player
Table tennis players often enjoy their days off at a casino. When spending time on a skill game you can easily be attracted to another skill game as well. In terms of popularity, there is little doubt that one particular game is more popular than others.

Players from all over the world wonder why poker is known as one of the most popular casino games. In fact, it has too many attractive points not to be one of the games that are loved by gamblers. Unlike roulette and slot machines, the results in this type of casino games depend on your decisions only, and at the same time, there is a little bit of luck influencing the outcome. Poker is game of players’ skills and those who know how to play poker always benefit.

Today we can find huge number of different poker games at online, mobile and traditional casinos and it is even possible to try them for free. You can find the best promotions for poker games here, if you are interested in playing it right now. Creating account in online gambling house you open the world of non-stop gambling with attractive bonuses and freerolls which turn it in the hobby you are ready to devote your life to.

Poker All Over the World

According to the statistics, poker games are loved in USA, European countries and Australia most of all, but it also is frequently played in other regions. In many countries it now has a status of non-gambling game and you actually can play it not only at casinos, but at special rooms. It is rather good news because in many countries gambling is prohibited by the law. Moreover, poker may become of the games, which are played during Olympics! It proves the fact that this game has a high level of competitiveness and involves skills and abilities due to which the level of player’s mastery can be determined.

Many countries have their regional versions of poker games which are different in rules and some principles of game running. In fact, most of those games are based on stud or draw poker games, so if you know how to play them you can easily play those poker variations.

Poker Players – Who Are They?

Among poker players you will find different people of different nations, occupations and creeds, but all of them are united with the idea that poker is the game where you need to implement everything you have to get a win. It is known that poker is also loved by psychologies because one of the methods that is used there is bluffing, and according to this method you need to be able to conceal your emotions and not to show other players how you feel about your cards. Besides, all the professional gamblers know that it is extremely important to be able to detect bluffing, as it can influence your game results.

If you want to become a professional poker player, you need to be ready to work hard. Today you need also to be prepared that you will play against other players who are very good in poker. No matter where are you from, you will find thousands of poker players who are ready to beat you and take all your chips. So start to learn poker today and tomorrow you will get your winning!

Rio and RVP Take on Each Other in a Game of Ping Pong

Manchester United team mates Rio Ferdinand and Robing Van Persie both opted for a different sport in ping pong as they took each other on when they were both chosen to star in a BT sport advert as they promote their new sport channel.

It was a closely fought battle between the two with Rio looking superior at the start but as the game went RVP stepped up his game and provided the goods as he does in football.

The two even argued about some of the points but it looked like Rio was going to win but RVP had different ideas as he come back and went on to win the game 11-9 and now has the bragging rights until next time.

Paul Davies takes home gold for Great Britain

Welshman Paul Davies has picked up gold for the Britain Para Table Tennis team in the the team event in the Slovakian Open.

He was paired with Silvio Keller from Switzerland after his playing partner Rob Davies decided not to compete in the Slovakia open.

He lost to Italy’s Andrea Borgato but got his revenge when he beat the Italian number one 3-2 before combining with Keller in the doubles to win the match 3-0.

Davies said: ”In the singles final against Borgato I struggled with one of his serves,

“But I went away and analysed the match and I knew that if I could have another crack at him it would be a different result.

“Things didn’t go according to plan in Slovenia but it’s great to finish on a high here and I’m very happy.”

Andrew Baggaley Picks up Bronze Medal for England


Andrew Baggaley Claimed a bronze medal for his England team in the the team event at the commonwealth table tennis championship in Delhi.

Baggaley had a perfect score to cruise England through the group stages to move onto the next stage where he took on Malaysians Dunley foo and Muhud Shakirin and won 3-1.

he then took on new zealands John Cordue and Canada’s Marko Medjugorac and beat both of them 3-0 respectively.

He was beaten twice in the semi final by the host nation india who won 3-2.

Baggaley bagged his fifth Common wealth games medal adding to his two golds.




International Table Tennis Federation to Change Ball

The International Table Tennis Federation are looking to introduce new Poly balls from July 2014 with current balls being made from celluloid but will be changed by a plastic material.

Tests showed that players found the ball to move slower with a higher bounce compare to the other ball but this should increase the length of rally’s.

But one Olympian Andrew Baggaley thinks the change is absolutly ‘Bizzare’. 

He said: “It’s really bizarre. I don’t know any other sport that has had as many changes,

“I don’t really understand the reasons for the change. I believe the pecking order in world table tennis will remain the same. I don’t think it will change anything dramatically, like the Chinese dominance in the sport.

“Players who have played with it tell me it’s less spin and it’s a little slower with a truer bounce. They also say the ball sounds like it’s broken,

“I hope they don’t change before the Commonwealths in Glasgow in 2014.”

Kate and William Show off Their Skills on the Table in Scotland

In light of the anticipated match against Pippa Middleton and Boris Johnson, Kate has had a chance to show what Boris can expect from the Middleton’s.

During their time in Scotland Kate got to take on her Husband William in a game of table tennis in which she proved to be the better player according to onlookers.

They were then paired with with Yaser Razouk and Stephen Grimes and proceeded to play a doubles match.

Yaser said: “We knew before they came that we were going to give them the bats, but I never thought we’d end up playing with them.

“When they were playing each other at singles William was convinced he was winning but I think it was Kate who ended up the winner.”

Stephen who partnered up with Kate said: “They’re both quite good.

“The club played with David Cameron when he visited quite a while ago; I would say Kate is better than him.

“Kate and William would be a really good doubles team.”


Boris Johnson Accepts Pippa Middleton’s Table Tennis Challenge

Boris Johnson has accepted Pippa Middleton’s challenge to a game of Table Tennis that was arrange over twitter and now the Mayor of London is said to be rather nervous upon the game.

He said: “I feel very nervous clearly because she seems to be very good. Well, she claims to be very good.

“But I’m very happy to do this because it’s a chance to promote what we’re doing with sports legacy London.

“We have greatly increased the number of people doing sports. If Pippa’s kind offer can be used to promote that then I’m all for it.”

He also added: “Happy for Pippa to join me on a visit and see the benefits of our £22m Sports Legacy Fund in action,”

Real Madrid Stars Take to the Table

Ex Chelsea duo Michael Essien and Ricardo Carvalho took on Luka modric and Sami Khedira in a 2V2 game of table tennis.

The game began friendly but as it went on you could see both teams wanted to win and their competitiveness that’s on the pitch came out onto the table.

At on point in the game their was an amazing rally which was ended by a Michael Essien back hand.

But it was Essien’s back hand that was the teams downfall as both sides reached 19 a piece. Essien let off a wild back hand that left the opposing team 20-19 up and and in the last game essien attempted another powerful back hand that hit into the net to give Luka modric and Sami Khedira the win.